Friday, February 13, 2009

Suzanne Goodwin

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Suzanne, Artist said...

Hello All,
I'm the artist for these pieces, Suzanne Goodwin.
I wanted to give you a little insite.. this show has been a huge Challenge for me, but its been a great learning experience!
My show theme is "Sugar & Spice: what little girls are made of." I have enjoyed working on all of these. I have a few more images on my website if you are interested in viewing more before the show.
All pieces will be for sale at the 20th Street Gallery 50/50 show only! $65 each.

but check out more of them at my own site:
as well as other works.

Hope to see you at the 20th STreet Gallery show on April 11, 2009, or stop in later if you can't make the reception!
Suzanne Goodwin